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Monday, August 08, 2005

Blogathon Posts are below this one! ;)

I'm blogging for Modest Needs! An incredible organization that helps families cover the costs of emergency situations!

Modest Needs has been able to help dozens more families because of Blogathon events!

You can pledge HERE to help me reach a personal pledge goal of $100 and to help Modest Needs help families who need it!!

Although I'm blogging about no specific subject matter, I am offering adorable pixel signature tags (like the one in my blog signature) for a $1.00 pledge!
See HERE for the tags I have to offer so far (I'll be pixeling ALL day)!

Have any pixel ideas? Questions? Writing prompts or anything?
Send them along my way-
MSN - mo_ju_bean@hotmail.com
AIM - momobug416
Email - niqua@butterflymedley.com

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

24 hours, 2 and a half broken nails, inumerable cookies, and way too much caffeine. I can easily sum this up as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I've had in a really long time!

A HUGE HUGE thank you, to all of those who sponsored me, thank you thank you!!!

Another equally huge thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by this endeavor, and who left tags and comments! Thank you for the support! :) It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! :)

Thank you to my site monitor, for not smacking me when I was late, I truly appreciate it! ;)

Another, special thank you, goes to my husband, who probably won't see this. Thank you for running around back and forth with me trying to help me get this done, thanks for the goodies, and for basically, and simply, loving and supporting me. You're amazing!

And a thank you to my little girl, who drove me absolutely insane throughout the majority of these 24 hours, and is really teaching me what patience is all about, lol.

I had a ton of fun, next year I'll know what to expect and will definitely be better prepared! :)

It will be interesting to read these posts when I am coherent, but for now, I must sleep. Because if I don't, I will be a mumbling, exhausted lunatic for the entire day and poor Samara doesn't need another one of those around. ;)

See ya next year! :)

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Justin is bringning in boxes and boxes of stuff...

I guess he'll be keeping me busy all day! :(

I don't really feel quite like unpacking today, unless it's Samara's stuff. I can't wait to get her room together, lol.

I keep thinking that Justin will stop bringing in boxes, but he hasn't yet and there are already 5 of them. :|

I hope this doesn't all get to overwhelming, lol.

I love moving, but I hate it when there are 600 boxes staring me in the face, mocking me. Stupid boxes...

Heeeeeey.... is that our wedding stuff?? Cool beans!!

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Arg.... Dial up is sucking again, lol!!!

I can't believe it's really already almost over. I got no pixelling done, no real sleep, I did nothing constructive, I ate way too many cookies and too much chocolate (which everyone in my house will have to pay for throughout the day and tonight).

But these have been the most difficult, and fun, and interesting and rewarding 24 hours I've had in a very long time.

Next year, I'm definitely getting on the ball early, and making some good, set, fun plans!!!

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Only a few more posts to go! :(

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A couple of days ago...

I was sweeping the rug (yes, sweeping the rug) and I got a really huge blitser.
Not remembering the last time I had a blister, I immediately did what all moms warn against, to test the "it will hurt more" theory --- I popped it.

Now I think it's infected. :( But I just had a dream that the doctor had to cut it offf, so now I'm scared to go to the doctor.

I know, I'm a little late. :( I got wrapped up in Samara and falling asleep. :(

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Pretty sad, lol.

Blogathon is almost finished and I have Justin waking me up to tell me whenh it's time to post! :P

I can't belive this is really almost done!

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Almost done!!!!

Just a couple more hours and I can get some much needed sleep!!!! LOL!!

How in the world as anyone managed this??? :P

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The sun is starting to rise!!!

And I'm STILL exhausted!!! :(

I think I will lay down for a bit and have Justin wake me when he walks in the door, since he just woke up and is going out for his morning cigarette. He looks shocked to see me still awake., lol.

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I'm here, I'm here!!!

The little one woke up and I couldn't get away in time to make the 5am post!!!

But I'm still here... barely.

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Oh man, lol. I fell asleep right here by the computer, and I woke up just in time to post, but I thought I might have missed it! I guess not, LOL. That's good!

I'm really really really tired. I'm thinking I Just might work on my website for a bit. The little bitty nap I had was just a little refreshing.

I don't know how anyone manages to stay awake and energetic this late, LMAO!

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I hate Myspace...

But lately I have been obssessed with it.

I don't know why, ever since I discovered that I could find old old friends, that's what I've been doing.

So now, I think I kind of like Myspace.

Here's My Myspace, add me if you'd like! :)

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Well... she was asleep.

I had Samara knocked out finally. And I went to lay her down because I had to pee, and she woke up, so now she's up and yelling at me again. *sigh*

I'm back to being and feeling really really tired. Next year this will either be a collaborative effort, or I'm going to have some sort of theme or something so that this isn't so painful, LOL.

It will probably take me a year to recouperate from this experience, lmao.

The other day I was cleaning the bathroom and I stuck in one of those blue toilet cleaning tablet thingies into the tank, and the stupid thing keeps sliding underneath one of those important dohickey's and it prevents the tank from filling with water.

So then I have to stick my hand in the tank and try to push the squishy blue tablet out of the way with something.

What an asinine task for 4 am.

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I made a TV dinner for myself.

I needed something to help keep me awake, lol.

I tried to give some mashed potatoes to Samara and she spit them in my eye. I'm going to assume that she didn't really want them.

Then she threw her Spongebob toy in the tray because I wasn't watching as she tried to make him stand up.

Now, she's just thrown a seriously heavy something on the floor and she comes at me crying, like I deliberately tried to scare her.

Go to sleep little monkey! Go to sleep! :P

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Downhill from here, lol...

Samara woke up screaming. I think a bug went up her nose, yet she will not allow me to pick it without putting up a huge fight, so, after a good ten minutes of screaming and yelling and even being cosoled by her daddy who never wakes up, the little one has just become my only company. Of course, she's busy with Dora, but that's alright.

Now that she's awake I have an even bigger reason to stay awake myself.

Of course, now I'm having aleergy issues, and there's a fly that keeps buzzing around my head, pissing me off.

6 hours left... I can do it, I can do it.

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